Make Your Funerals Run Smoothly Through Custom Order of Service

Add photos

You could add photos of your loved ones to the front, on the pages, and on the back of the booklet. These photos will be printed in high definition and will be free of any blurry and discolored portions.

Furthermore, you can choose the sizes of the photos and even opt for a full paged picture.

Add messages

In a custom order of service booklet, you get the option to add a custom message to the front or back of the brochure. This message can be a quote or a poem, anything that connects to your loved one!

The high quality and high precision printers can print the writings in any font you want with extreme sharpness. Furthermore, you can play around with the colors of the font as well.

Other than your custom message, it will also carry the list of all the ceremonies that will take place on that day.

Custom decorations

Keeping photos and fonts aside, you can also customize the order of service cards with decorations that include borders, symbols, patterns, and more. Adding these to your content will create a high quality and beautiful feel.

There are hundreds of different combinations of these borders’ designs and colors, which you can use to create a unique identity for your booklet.

All of these will be printed on some of the best papers available on the market. This increase in quality makes the order of service tough and long-lasting. You can keep it as a memory for years without worrying about it wearing away.

Therefore place your orders for a custom order of services now! It takes time to create the booklets following all of your instructions precisely. Accordingly, place your orders to get the custom order of services ready within time.