Custom Funeral Cards Provide a Wholesome Goodbye

Mourning cards

Mourning cards are the messengers of this heartbreaking news. These are usually single-sided cards which bears the photo, name, and details of the person who passed away.

You can customize it thoroughly with your message and decors, complete with fonts and color pallet choice.

Memory cards

These cards are presented to people that are close to the person who passed away. They can write down some unforgettable memories with the person on that card and give them on the day of the funeral or through the post.

You can customize the memory cards with photos, custom fonts, borders, and more!

Memorial cards

These cards are given to the people who attend the funeral in the form of a token. These cards are usually small in size and contain custom quotes that described the loved one.

You can decorate these cards with symbols, photos, fonts, custom color pallets, and more.

Funeral prayer cards

These are four-sided cards that are laminated and bare a photo of your loved one or a religious figure. You can also add poems or prayers on the inside of the card.

These cards act as a piece of remembrance of the ceremony and the person who passed away.

You can choose your favorite design from a vast catalog, or you can also mix and match elements to create something beautiful. Some of the items that you can alter are given below:

  • You can add custom, high-quality photos of your loved one on the cards.
  • You can add symbols on crosses, flowers, and more on the cards.
  • You can add your own printed message on the cards. These messages can be quotes, poems, and more.
  • You can add decors like borders, patterns, and more.
  • You can choose custom fonts for the write-ups on the cards.
  • You can choose a custom color pallet for the card as well.

Deciding a design and submitting the quotes, photos, and poems can be a time-consuming process, therefore don’t waste any time ordering the cards. Order in time and receive beautiful cards before the date of the ceremony.